I have accumulated a wide range of experiences over the past 25 years. Currently, I deal with various types of literary works and also scientific texts. Please feel free to inquire about references or samples of my work.

Over the years, I have established myself as a reliable, sensitive and accountable linguistic professional who always carefully considers an author’s intent and his/her target audience.  My degree in physical and environmental geography (from the University of California, Berkeley) gave me the background knowledge necessary to have basic competence in a number of scientific areas and it trained me to see both the big picture and the interactions amongst the smaller parts of whatever is before me. In addition, growing up in a journalistic household instilled in me a profound appreciation for the written word. The combination of these aspects makes me unique in my field.

Elizabeth Kracht of the literary agency Kimberley Cameron Associates says, “I think you are a real asset for Italian writers.  The US market is hard for even US writers to break into, but I think you are a solid connection for anyone in Italy who really aspires to it and has all the right pieces in place.”

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